Rebecca Johnson is the owner of Health Center Solutions. As a health center management and grant writing consultant, she has worked with many professionals in her field over the past 25 years. Here are what her clients are saying about her.

“Rebecca Johnson was an excellent choice for facilitating the strategic planning retreat for Residence XII. a non-profit chemical dependency treatment provider for women and their families and is located in Kirkland, WA.  Rebecca held preliminary meetings with the board president, the CEO and key board members to gain a full understanding of our mission and desired outcome of the meeting.  Her ability to enroll and guide the board and agency management team through the process was critical in making the best use of our time and remaining on point.  Her level of experience, organization, warmth and knowledge greatly contribute to our having had a very successful retreat.” —Past President & Chair of Governance Committee

“I consider Rebecca Johnson to be an exceptional grant writer and highly knowledgeable of the mission of the FQHC’s and the environment in which they function. We have used Rebecca exclusively as our grant writer because of the success we’ve had in being awarded competitive grant funding in five out of six grant applications she’s prepared for us. Her ability to articulate our needs, apply demographic and clinical data to support the needs, and do it in the “language” that HRSA is looking for, is exceptional. She has an excellent understanding of the inner workings of HRSA and I found her to be a wiz at navigating the EHB [Electronic Handbook].” —Al Cordova, CEO, WA State Association of Community & Migrant Health Centers

“Rebecca  is a wizard with the Electronic Handbook (EHB). She has been fully engaged for Federal 330 submissions, Budget Period Renewals, and this year (2014) we asked her to write our successful grant request for the Social Innovation Fund (SIF) through the John A. Hartford Foundation. She has a long history with community health centers. She has supported PCHS through her ability and experience in writing grants that have been successfully funded as well as her knowledge of the Federally Qualified Health Center mission and organizational structure.” —Barbara Malich, CEO, Peninsula Community Health Services, Bremerton, WA

“Rebecca turned a newly-funded health center look-alike and Ryan White grantee into a model of health services delivery. She was also instrumental in holding a disintegrating staff together as a productive health services delivery team. She is perceptive and sensitive to the needs, wants and differences of applicants and communities and able to tailor her questions and answers to focus on the most productive and inclusive alternative for resolving conflicts. Her analytical abilities and willingness to take on tough, labor intensive jobs are outstanding. She is an energetic self-starter, willing to take on complicated jobs, a team player and ethical. I know her to be highly professional, analytically skilled and thoroughly informed about both substantive program issues and current program policy. She is willing to ask the hard questions and able to assess the quality of the answers in the broad context of overall grantee performance.” –Beryl Cochran, Project Officer, Bureau of Primary Health Care

“Rebecca came highly recommended and for good reason. Our timeline on the grant applications was rather short and the grants were very involved. Rebecca spent hours consulting, researching and formatting the grant applications. She was consistently on time and on task. She was knowledgeable and very easy to work with. Her work ethic was stellar. Her communication was consistent and she never failed to meet my every need. I received the largest of the two grants and open the program on January 1, 2014. I would not hesitate to recommend Rebecca and will certainly use her services again if the opportunity arises.” —Corky Hundahl, Owner and Executive Director of Phoenix Recovery Services, LLC

“When one of our members needs quick, effective assistance with a HRSA grant application, I refer them immediately to Rebecca Johnson. She manages our cooperative agreement and does a great job for our CHCs too.” —Lynn Gerlach, NWRPCA Development and Communication Manager


Testimonials from April – May 2015 NW Primary Care Association webinar series:

“I’ve enjoyed watching the lights turn on for staff during these sessions. We have several staff members participating who support key elements of program requirements.  More than once I’ve heard, ‘Now I know why we do that,’ or ‘I always wondered what that meant.’  They return to their work with a more meaningful perspective.” —Mary A. Ferguson, Chief Financial Officer, Family Health Centers

This webinar series has been a real-world, straight shooting, completely engaging review of the material. Let’s face it, the 19 HRSA requirements aren’t the most exciting topic. I especially appreciate the tricks and the practice tips. When the message is, ‘That’s the way it is – feel free to take a stand or minimize your risk by just meeting the requirements,’ I’m listening!” –Jennifer Kreidler-Moss, COO, Peninsula Community Health Services