Why are FQHC Look-alikes Required to Obtain 501(c)(3) Status?

In order for a Community Health Center to become a FQHC Look-alike, the organization must first apply for and be501(c)(3) status designated  nonprofit  501(c)(3) status by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This is not a requirement of the Bureau of Primary Health Care; it is a Medicare requirement.  In order to complete an application for Medicare reimbursements, Medicare mandates all nonprofit organizations show proof of 501(c)(3) status.

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Get your Community Health Center Ready for your next Big Federal Grant or Operational Site Visit

There is a list of 19 Health Center Program Requirements (PRs) that a community health center (CHC) must

operational site visit

meet during an Operational Site Visit (OSV). The purpose of an OSV is to verify compliance with the requirements. Two of the requirements that cause trouble for many health centers is PR #2 Required & Additional Services and PR #16 Scope of Project both of which involve services you provide through contract or formal written referral agreements.  Annually you should schedule a time to look over and update your contracts to ensure that they meet program requirements.

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New Access Point Grants Plus a One-time Only $150,000 Grant

new access point grants

Equipment and renovation costs may make up a big portion of a community health center’s new access point budget. There is no new access point grantsdoubt that necessary equipment or small renovations can be costly but applicants should consider if using federal funds from new access point (NAP) grants to purchase equipment or make minor renovations is worth the extra work.

What you need to know about new access point grants

People may be familiar with the fact that funds from the federal government come tied with required inventory and tracking that can be onerous. There may also be a “Federal interest” on the property. What you may not realize is that in addition to this reporting burden, using the one-time only funds for new access point grants may significantly reduce the funding amount of the initial award.

Purchasing healthcare equipment or taking care of minor renovations with New Access Point grants and a one-time only $150,000 grant can be very beneficial for your health care center.

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Is my Health Center Eligible for a FQHC New Access Point Grant?

FQHC Look-Alike

Many hospital administrators and medical facility executives devote countless hours sorting through grant opportunities. FQHC New Access Point GrantSome opportunities are worth pursuing – such as the FQHC New Access Point grant – while others might not be the right fit.

Who can apply for Access Point Funding and how do I know if I should apply for a FQHC New Access Point Grant?

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Top Tips: Writing a Federal Grant for a Community Health Center

Service area competition - Additional Areas grants

There is plenty to know when you take on a project such as writing a Federal Government grant for a community community health centerhealth center. Looking for information can be overwhelming and many of the sources that are available for federal grant writing almost seem to be written in a foreign language!

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