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Rebecca Johnson has been successful in securing the following grant awards

  • Behavioral Health Integration – Idaho and Washington State, $250,000 each, FY2014
  • Phoenix Recovery Center – Skagit County Drug Court Program Award, $450,000/year, December 2013
  • Phoenix Recovery Center – Skagit County Drug Court Needle Exchange Program Contract, $150,000+, December 2015
  • Peninsula Community Health Services – Bremerton, WA, John A. Hartford Foundation Innovation Award, funded by Social Innovation Funds, $320,000/two years, 2013
  • Talbert House Health Center – New Access Point (NAP) Award, FY2013
  • Community Health Center, Tacoma – New Ryan White Part C Ambulatory Care Award $350,000/year, FY2012
  • Cowlitz Community Health Center – New Access Point (NAP) Award FY2011
  • Tri-Cities Community Health – New Access Point Award FY2011
  • Tri-Cities Community Health – School Based Health Center Capital Award $500,000, FY2013
  • Tri-Cities Behavioral health Integration – $250,000, FY2014
  • Sandpoint, Idaho, Behavioral Health Integration – $250,000, FY2014
  • Interfaith Community Health Center – Facility Improvement Program (FIP) Award $1.1 Million, FY2010
  • Health Infrastructure Investment Program (HIIP) – Country Doctor Community Health Centers and Tri-Cities Community Health, $1 Million each, FY2015

FQHC Look-Alikes

  • Two initial Look-Alike Designations – California, 2012 and Washington, 2013
  • Recertifications – Washington, FY2015
  • Renewals Designations – Washington, FY 2014

Ryan White Applications

  • Country Doctor Community Health Centers, Ryan White Part A and Part C Grants, FY2011-2015
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