HRSA Site Visit Preparation

Preparing for your HRSA Operational Site Visit (OSV) can be stressful. After all, your health center has a lot riding on it. The OSV is the white-glove test for your health center. It is an in-depth assessment to be sure your health center is in compliance with all Health Center Program Requirements.

Health Center Solutions can help you get your health center in order, so you are prepared for your site visit. Our preference is to conduct a mock visit at your health center. – to insure your documents will be ready for HRSA’s review, your staff will be fully prepared to address questions posed by the visiting team of reviewers, and you will learn how to demonstrate 100% compliance.

Our consultants bring many years’ experience working with community health centers from across the country. Each of us not only has survived HRSA visits, we’ve triumphed. We’re eager to share with you what we know from the Bureau of Primary Care’s perspective, the health center’s perspective, and site visit reviewer’s perspective.

Our three-day visit includes:

  • A compliance check reviewing all Health Center Program Requirements
  • Recommendations for enhancing your demonstration of compliance
  • Assistance in updating your policies and other documentation required for your OSV
  • A review of progress regarding any capital or other grant project compliance

After the visit, Health Center Solutions will provide you with the following:

  • An annotated inventory of OSV documents and policies that require improvements or amendments
  • A site visit report noting areas where your health center is compliant and non-compliant
  • A readiness work plan to guide you and your staff through additional OSV preparations

If a mock visit isn’t feasible, Health Center Solutions can also provide a pre-OSV document review and help you identify policies and key program documents that may need updating.

Working with Health Center Solutions will help you sail smoothly and confidently through your operational site visit.