defining and changing scope

It’s quite likely your program will evolve with time, and as it does, it is critical that you review and update your scope of project to ensure it remains current. Health Center Solutions will walk you through the complexities of defining scope, and help you determine what you want to include and what you may want to exclude from your scope of project.

The consequences of a poorly defined, ignored, or out-of-date scope of project can be significant:

  • Will you be covered for malpractice?
  • Is all of your revenue program income?
  • Are you in compliance?

Your health center’s scope of project defines your health center in significant ways from the population you serve and the service area you define to what services you provide, who the providers are, and how your health center executes services.

Health Center Solutions can also help with making change in scopes (CIS). When adding or deleting a new site or service, the application process can be frustratingly detailed and time-consuming. Other changes need only a simple self-update. Maintaining your scope of project is one of the Section 330 Health Center Program requirements. We’ll show you how to demonstrate that too.

  • We help your health center from the early conceptual stages of understanding your scope through the evolution of your sites and services.
  • With expertise in program development and grant writing, we help you to clearly define your scope in your initial funding application.
  • Equally important, when the time comes to make changes to services, sites, and areas and the populations you serve, we will complete your application and monitor the process.
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