board trainings

Health Center Solutions will provide board trainings to clearly identify and define their roles, responsibilities, and provide education on FQHC governance requirements. Our team will hold preliminary meetings with the board president, the CEO and key board members to gain a full understanding of their mission and desired outcomes.  We will engage the board and management team through

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defining and changing scope

It’s quite likely your program will evolve with time, and as it does, it is critical that you review and update your scope of project to ensure it remains current. Health Center Solutions will walk you through the complexities of defining scope, and help you determine what you want to include and what you may

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HRSA site visit preparation

Preparing for your HRSA Operational Site Visit (OSV) can be stressful. After all, your health center has a lot riding on this.  Multiple findings could result in funding restrictions. The OSV is an in-depth assessment to make sure your health center is in compliance with all Health Center Program Requirements. We think of it as

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needs assessments

Having an up-to-date needs assessment of your target population and service area is a HRSA requirement for health centers and a SAMHSA requirement for Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics (CCBHCs). Information gleaned from your needs assessment provides the basis for developing and improving the services your health center delivers to the community. Health Center Solutions conducts

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healthcare strategic planning

Health Center Solutions uses a unique approach that identifies strategic goals based on your vision, mission statement and community needs while also addressing the underlying conditions that have prevented you from already reaching your goals. Work with CEOs to set up a plan of action Conduct a situational analysis involving research and review of the needs assessment Conduct a

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becoming an FQHC look-alike

There are two types of Health Center Programs - funded (FQHCs) and unfunded FQHC look-alikes. Health Center Solutions recommends obtaining a look-alike designation first to position clients to be more competitive for future FQHC grant funding because look-alikes receive bonus points.  Health Center Solution's primary focus is on Health Center Program compliance and program readiness for

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FQHC applications and grants

Applying to become a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) or a FQHC Look-Alike through Section 330 of the Public Health Service Act is a complex and rigorous process in which every detail of your current or proposed health center operation is scrutinized. Whether your board and management is seeking help with the entire application or

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