Is my Health Center Eligible for a FQHC New Access Point Grant?

FQHC New Access Point Grant

Many hospital administrators and medical facility executives devote countless hours sorting through grant opportunities. Some opportunities are worth pursuing - such as the FQHC New Access Point grant - while others might not be the right fit.

Who can apply for Access Point Funding and how do I know if I should apply for a FQHC New Access Point Grant?

Nonprofit and publicly run health facilities are eligible to apply for FQHC New Access Point Funding Opportunity Grants to support operations. This is a $650,000 per year grant for two years that is then renewable. You can request funding for several sites as long as one site will be a permanent full- time site.The process of obtaining funding requires a systematic approach. 2016 application deadlines are June 17 and July 15.

Whether your community health center is established or in the planning phases, your answers to the following questions will determine whether you should consider applying for the grant:

  • Can my business expand its services to meet the health care needs of the uninsured and Medicaid population?
  • Can a new site be open by May 1, 2017? (You must be operational within 120 days of receiving notice of award)?
  • Am I an organization with an existing 501 (c) 3 with an interest in providing medical assistance to low income communities?
  • Are there special equipment needs or renovations? (Grantees can use up to $150,000 in year one for such costs).
  • Will you serve any special populations such as migrant farm workers or homeless individuals?
  • How will you provide the required services – directly or through a contract?
  • Can you create a staffing plan to meet the health needs and planned services?
You must also be able to complete the following tasks:
  • Define your service area and determine if your “needs score” is competitive - ( the goal is 15 or better out of score of a possible 20).
  • Determine if you are eligible for any “priority points” to increase your score.
  • Develop a two year budget for a fully functioning health center by the end of year two.
  • Identify a clinic site that can be open Q1 2017.

You should apply if you are looking for funding to add an additional site to your existing community health center scope, if you are planning to build a new health center or if you wish to transition your current health care operation to a Federally Qualified Health Center.

Purpose behind the FQHC New Access Point Funding

The main object of the New Access Point funding opportunity is to provide operational funding for new health center sites.  The centers must be located in under-served communities or treat under-served populations where medical and health care services access is currently limited.

New Access Point grants are extremely competitive. For this reason, a thorough analysis of each individual situation is required.  This requires a needs assessment and strategic consideration.

Health Center Solutions will help to define service areas, highlight your eligibility and compliance with the program requirements and create a responsive budget.

Health Center Solutions helps develop plans that consider patient needs and implement measurable benchmarks that document progress in how services are rendered and the quality of care.

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