HRSA Needs Assessment

Having an up-to-date HRSA needs assessment of your target population and service area is the first of Health Center Program Requirements. Information gleaned from your needs assessment provides the basis for developing and improving the services your health center delivers to the community.

Health Center Solutions conducts needs assessments tailored to the most recent Service Area Competition and New Access Point grant application formats and content requirements.

Our needs assessment will include the following critical information:

  • Identification of factors which impact access to primary care, health care utilization, and health status of the target population;
  • Definition of service area and target population;
  • Documentation on core health barriers and core health indicators;
  • Unique characteristics of your target population and service area that should be considered as you develop or improve your services.

For current health center grantees, the report will also include a summary of performance data in comparison with other health centers in your state and nationally, as well as a review of your progress toward achieving Healthy People 2020 targets.

Our completed assessments demonstrate the health care needs in the service area and target population through quantitative and qualitative data. The report can be easily adapted for grant applications and provides an excellent tool for your board to use in annual planning.