Make a Strong Case for a Community Health Center Foundation Grant

Foundation grant

A foundation grant is monetary assistance that provides funding to individuals and small businesses by companies, citizens and corporate, family and private organizations. The funds are awarded to meet particular needs. Community health centers can benefit from capital grants to expand or remodel their facility, build a new facility or purchase health care equipment. Foundations may also fund operations – frequently foundations are interested in funding innovative, new programs.

How to make a successful application for a Foundation Grant

Case Statement

A Case Statement – also called Case for Giving or Case for Support – is a summary of important facts about your organization’s mission, vision, values, programs, structure and plans. The statement is presented in a multi-purpose written document that can range in length from a wallet-size card to twenty pages or more. The process of preparing a Case Statement provides the opportunity to collect data that will best illustrate the competence of your staff and the effectiveness of your work.

The case statement is the core document and most powerful tool of any fundraising campaign; it is especially important for specific fundraising initiatives such as capital or endowment campaigns.

Your case statement should answer:

  • Who do we help / want to help?
  • What community do we serve / want to serve?
  • What community needs do we meet / want to meet with this grant?
  • What vital services do we / will we offer?
  • What is our organization’s track record / commitment for organizational competency and accomplishments?
  • What are our plans for the future?
  • How will the money be used to meet a specific need?
  • What steps will be taken to meet the need once funding is granted?
  • How much money is being requested and why do we need that amount to meet our need?
  • Why do we deserve support?
  • What unique benefits does our organization bring to the community?
  • What is the unique opportunity for our organization?

Grant Proposal

A grant proposal is a formal proposal submitted to a foundation that outlines a proposed project, shows budgetary requirements and requests monetary assistance in the form of a grant. Community health centers looking for a grant will be expected to write a grant proposal.

How to write a strong grant proposal:

Funding agencies are more likely to approve your grant application when you have correctly determined if your project meets their specific interest.  A few of the basic components of a successful proposal include:

Outline. A summary of the goals of the project should begin your proposal. The summary should hit upon the key points that will best communicate your goals.

Your organization. The description of your organization establishes its credibility. Describe your track record with other grants and be sure to include success stories.

Problem statement The problem statement must be clear and concise. It must show how the problem will be addressed and explain the purpose of the proposal. Make sure your data is up to date and sight the sources.

Desired outcome. You will need to state the methods that will be used to get to the desired outcome if the grant is approved. You will be expected to have a timeline of when each phase of the project will be completed.

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