Healthcare Grant Writing

Health Center Solution’s primary focus is on healthcare grant writing, Section 330 program compliance, and program readiness for any clinics or health centers wanting to become a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC). Health care reform  opens up a greater need for FQHCs and FQHC Look-alikes. Obtaining federal funding or federal designation remains very competitive and as such, our expertise creates a road map to confidently move through a successful application and submission process.

Health Center Solutions will help you and your governing board follow a road map for success. We offer valuable information, practical tips and useful tools that will help you:

  •    Minimize risks to your health center
  •    Importance of defining your scope of project
  •    Understand how to document compliance with program requirements
  •    Build competitive grant applications
  •    Reduce the threat of conditions on grant awards
  •    Ensure readiness for HRSA site visits
  •    Understand and incorporate the latest policy requirements (PINs & PALs) into your own policy documents

Since this is a very competitive environment with specific deadlines and requirements, our coaching provides your leadership team members, quality improvement staff and board members a critical understanding of the process and FQHC requirements. Building a competitive grant  requires input from your entire team. With particular expertise on coaching boards and staff, we will help to bring out the best decision making possible. We are in your court to keep your schedule on track, minimize surprises, avoid site visit findings and unnecessary conditions on your federal grant awards. You can count on our professional expertise to do the right things and avoid pitfalls that could eat up time or jeopardize your success.


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