Top Tips: Writing a Federal Grant for a Community Health Center

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There is plenty to know when you take on a project such as writing a Federal Government grant for a community health center. Looking for information can be overwhelming and many of the sources that are available for federal grant writing almost seem to be written in a foreign language!

Do your research

Before you begin your grant proposal, do your research. Make sure you fully understand the criteria that is required. It is a good idea to thoroughly read through the funding opportunity announcement, and then go on line and review the associated technical assistance webpage. This page will include frequently asked questions, examples of required forms and other source documents. Federal grant proposals must be executed precisely as instructed - so best to be sure of what is expected before you begin. The basic requirements, information and application forms vary, depending on the agency supplying the funds.

A successful federal grant proposal for a community health center will include:

Identify target population

If you are writing a proposal for funds to create a community health center, the target population and the  area that your health center will serve must show to be under-served, with a high number of under-insured and low-income people, and limited clinicians to serve them.

Needs assessment

A needs assessment must be performed in the area. It will determine how many people are without health insurance, their ability to access medical care in the area and what resources are available to them. The assessment should also include how those needs are being met (or not met) at the present time.

Business plan

Your business plan defines the direction of the community health center: make sure your goals, how the center will be evaluated and the budget are clearly outlined.

There is help available

Writing a federal grant proposal for a community health center can be a daunting task. You want a comprehensive and persuasive, fact-based proposal in order to secure the funds needed for your project. Health Center Solutions has the expertise needed to get your development plan underway, identify appropriate funding and compile your documents. Don't wait until your grant proposal deadline is looming before you to seek assistance!

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