Health Care Grants

Get the Best Possible Letter of Support for your Health Center Grant Application

A Health Center Program Grantee is a community health center (CHC) that receives grant funding from ...

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Get your Community Health Center Ready for your next Big Federal Grant or Operational Site Visit

There is a list of 19 Health Center Program Requirements (PRs) that a community health center (CHC) ...

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What To Do if Your Health Center Didn’t Receive New Access Point Grant Funding

With the goal of increasing access and expanding health care services to citizens in under served ar...

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Are Your Health Center Scope Documents Up To Date?

A health center’s scope of project lays out approved service sites, services, providers, service a...

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Service Area Competition – Additional Areas grants

Service Area Competition ‒ Additional Areas grants (SAC-AA) are announced outside of the annual SA...

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Make a Strong Case for a Community Health Center Foundation Grant

A foundation grant is monetary assistance that provides funding to individuals and small businesses ...

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New Access Point Grants Plus a One-time Only $150,000 Grant

Equipment and renovation costs may make up a big portion of a community health center’s new access...

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