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Use Your Board Meeting Minutes to Reflect Compliance with Health Center Program Requirements for Board Authority

Health Centers are required to have a board with at least nine and no more than 25 members with a pa...

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Board-Approved Policies Needed to Demonstrate Health Center Program Compliance

Board members of Health Center Program participants play a big role in the success of the health cen...

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Get a Jump Start on the Needs Assessment for your SAC or OSV

In order to receive (and maintain) grant money as a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), commun...

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Get your Community Health Center Ready for your next Big Federal Grant or Operational Site Visit

There is a list of 19 Health Center Program Requirements (PRs) that a community health center (CHC) ...

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Staying on Top of HRSA Program Requirements – Don’t Wait for the Operational Site Visit

Health center program grantees and health center look-alikes are supposed to receive routine operati...

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Revised Process for Change in Scope for Health Care Centers

A change in scope for health care centers is a mini-application that health care centers must use wh...

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Is my Health Center Eligible for a FQHC New Access Point Grant?

Many hospital administrators and medical facility executives devote countless hours sorting through ...

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How to Make HRSA Grants Work for You

In order to ensure that each patient gets the best medical services, clinics have to stay competitiv...

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Top Tips: Writing a Federal Grant for a Community Health Center

There is plenty to know when you take on a project such as writing a Federal Government grant for a ...

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