preparing for your HRSA site visit

We can help you safeguard your funding. Here’s how:

get your ducks in a row

How do you want to spend the six week window that HRSA gives you before your next site visit? Scrambling to get your board membership in compliance, searching for the last version of your strategic plan, and rushing through policy rewrites or focusing on the logistics of the HRSA visit with your board members and leadership team?

Don’t jeopardize funding opportunities by not taking your site visit seriously. You’ve read the new FOA’s, “Applicants with five or more 60-day Health Center Program requirement progressive action conditions; or one or more 30-day Health Center Program requirement progressive action conditions, will not receive the award.”

demonstrating your compliance

  • board minutes
  • clarifying processes
  • making sliding fee scale obvious and visible
  • conflict of interests
  • quality improvement documentation

How are you planning for your site visit? Health Center Solutions will perform an audit of your health center’s current policies, and work with your staff to develop a work plan to develop or update the critical policies that HRSA will review on your site visit. We assess your readiness and provide a work plan that addresses each program requirement.  We’ll help you update your documents and practices to demonstrate your compliance.

coaching your staff and board

The site visit presents a great opportunity to increase your board’s capacity to govern and your staff’s ability to provide the best possible service.  We help you plan ahead so you aren’t waiting  until the eleventh hour to try to run new and updated policies through your board.

Health Center Solutions’ coaching will create the conditions for your center’s success and growth by:

  • Focusing on the logistics of the HRSA visit with your board members and leadership team
  • Strengthening and developing the board through meaningful engagement in site visit preparation
  • Enlivening your board committees by assigning important and meaningful work to assure all policies receive timely review and updates
  • Demonstrating your board’s engagement in governance and training which can be duplicated annually
  • Ensuring staff meaningfully contribute to the site preparation process
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