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the HCS Advantage:

Program Assessment

  • Based on our depth of experience in this field, we provide valuable input in how to develop strategies that ensure your health center meets the needs of your patient population and service area today and into the future.
  • We know what to look for to ensure your compliance with program requirements and readiness to secure grant funding.
  • Our expert assessment of your health center guides our grant writing strategy and work plan, by identifying areas  of concern that we can help you address in advance of the submission.

Needs Assessment

  • We use the new access point/service area competition grant guidelines to write your needs assessment to assure it documents HRSA requirements. This documents is easily edited for grant submission.
  • We help you define your service area and target population.
  • We identify factors which impact access to primary care, health care utilization, and health status of the target population.
  • We compare your service area and target population’s core barriers to health care access and core health indicators to federal benchmarks.
  • We evaluate any unique characteristics of your target population and service area that should be considered as you develop or improve your services.
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