Keeping Your Board on Track

Let’s help you foster a successful partnership with your board. Here’s how:

Health Center Solutions’ board training supports true board development for both the individual board members and the board as a whole. The board training program generally begins with a board assessment that includes a survey of individual board members and leadership team members; an assessment of current board functions and operations; a review of board and committee minutes; and a review of key policies and required documents related to the Health Center requirements. Following the initial assessment, Health Center Solutions will work with the board president and/or health center CEO to develop an action plan/ work plan that meets the health center’s unique training and development needs.

Do members of your board understand their roles?

How would your board members respond when asked at a HRSA site visit, or by an individual interested in joining your board, if they are actively engaged in the governance of your health center? Will they report that their time is well utilized and respected, their input is welcomed and valued, and their strengths are leveraged to support the health center’s mission?  Do they understand the unique responsibilities of a health center board? How is the board structured? Are the different board committees helping you meet the health center requirements? Do members of your board understand their roles? Does the board committee structure offer a road map to fulfilling the board’s role related to complying with the Health Center Program Requirements?

creating engagement

Who does all the talking at your health center’s board meetings? Are board members actively engaged in policy making, strategic discussions and governance responsibilities, or do they sit and listen to hours of staff reports each month. Are your board committee chairs spending precious board meeting time revisiting what their committee discussed, or do they bring thoughtful deliverables /proposals to the table?

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