embark on grant writing with confidence

A competitive grant application is your key to success! In working with Health Center Solutions, you’ll be confident that you’ve done everything possible to obtain the award and position your health center for success and growth.

the HCS Advantage:

  • We shine the best possible light on the client by answering questions on your application in ways that make you look good.
  • We write your narrative to be consistent with all of the statutory requirements. Our grants aren’t static or stale.
  • We double check to make sure all pieces of the application are in place.
  • We cross check all forms and attachments so they are congruent with the narrative.
  • We pace the process so that it unfolds in a planned and systematic manner.
  • Our project management will address issues before they become unpleasant surprises.
  • When the site visit comes, you’ll be won’t be scrambling to finish. Instead, you’ll have everything in hand and answers for questions should they arise.
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