be in compliance and stay that way

Health Center Solutions prepares you to move confidently through any HRSA compliance check – a grant application or site visit. You’ll have policies and procedures that meet the requirement and the right answers when questions arise. When the grant application process is new to the management team, we plan a course of action to prevent surprises, avoid potential risks, and ensure success along the way.

management support

  • We stand with you to provide steady, qualified guidance based on a depth of experience for any situations that arise along the way.
  • We know what the feds want and will help you shine.
  • We communicate clearly and explain complex processes in ways that ensure your management team will move forward with purpose.

program development

  • We strategically navigate you through the complexities of program development and compliance.
  • We build strong operational plans with clearly-defined responsibilities.
  • We analyze your program and match your unique ability to fit the funding announcement.
  • We create a competitive presentation of your health center that clearly demonstrates compliance with all program requirements.

operational site visit (OSV) prep

  • We help you get your health center in order so you can sail smoothly and confidently through the OSV.
  • We coordinate the details of involving staff members in preparing for the OSV.
  • We work with you remotely or on site, so your staff is fully prepared to address questions posed by the visiting reviewers.
  • We meet with your board members and answer their questions about the OSV process and alleviate most boards’ anxiety about the OSV.
  • We create a work plan to address areas of concern.
  • We help you address any conditions from your OSV.
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